He is far too inexperienced and self-centered, and would be completely unsutable for a job in which he had to be responsible for so many people.

I thought the test was very important, but I had been misinformed.It had no effect on my final results at all.

One of the biggest problem is that people have lost all faith in politicians.

My eyes slowly grew accustomed to the dark.

We are at a loose end.私たちは何もすることがない。

Don't be taken in by his charminh manner- he is very untrustworthy.

The accused was charged with assault and causing criminal damage.

Remote parts of the country always become isolated in severe weather.

=Remote parts of the country are always cut off in severe weather.

reversible 逆に出来る irreversible 逆に出来ない、取返しのきかない

perceptible 知覚できる imperceptible 気づかないほどの

stable 安定した unstable 不安定な


If only I'd gone to France instead.

I'd sooner have gone to France instead.

I do think you might have phoned earlier.

I wish you had phoned earlier.

We don't think you should have done that.

We'd rather you hadn't done that.

same subject (+ base form)

different subject (+ past simple clause)

I’d rather stay at home than go out tonight.

I’d rather you stayed at home tonight.

I’d rather not go out tonight.

I’d rather you didn’t go out tonight

Don't you regret not going to university ?

Don't you wish you had gone to university.

If only you'd mentioned it before !

You should have mentioned it before.

Do you wish you had stayed longer ?

Would you like to have stayed longer ?

draught- a flow of cool air in a room or other confined space

drought- a long period of time when there is little or no rain.

dessert- sweet foof eaten at the end of a meal.

desert- a large area of land that has very little water and very few plants growin on it.

The merger has been on the cards for some time now.

Are you trapped in a dead end job that is running your life ? 

You can't expect anything of him, he is bone idle.

On the horns of a dillenma= you have to make a choice between things that are equally unpleasant.

You have no reason to be apprehensive about your promotion.

apprehensive 懸念(A)